A key vehicle the NTA applies in promoting technical and vocational career paths amongst young Namibians, is the ’Live Your Passion’ marketing and sensitisation campaign, which profiles technical and vocational career practitioners as ambassadors/champions.

This ongoing campaign is based on the famous saying by the Chinese philosopher, Confucius, who said: “Find a job you love and you will never work a single day in your life”. This quotes teaches us that we are all at our best, when we allow our passion to lead the way. Simply put: Passion is the engine that drives excellence in all of us. It forewarns us to recognise the kind of work that makes us fulfilled. Because ultimately, if we are not fulfilled by the work we choose to do, we will not be happy.

Deciding what to become in life is perhaps one of the most important decisions a young person will make. the true and inspiring stories of ordinary Namibian men and women who overcame obstacles and the negative societal perceptions in establishing themselves as true ambassadors for technical and vocational trades and professions, their successes challenge this unfair bias and encourage young people, parents, teachers and others to think differently about technical and vocational options.

Their stories about how they are living their passion can be accessed through this portal. We trust that these stories will help, empower and inspire them to make the right decision.

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